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  [ Cooler Pad ]
 Product Name Belkin Cooling Pad with Dual Fan
 Brand Belkin
 Stock Availability Yes
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Belkin Cooling Pad with Dual Fan

Keeps Your Legs & Your Laptop Cool & Happy
CoolSpot Anywhere keeps your laptop—and your lap—cool and comfortable, whether you’re gaming, browsing, sharing or shopping. It minimizes heat to help your legs stay comfortable and your laptop running at its best.

Works Well on Any Surface—Desks, Laps, Cushions & Couches
Most laptop cooling pads pull in air from a single bottom vent, which can get blocked when placed on a soft surface like a couch or comforter. The Belkin CoolSpot Anywhere’s dual intake vents continuously pull in cool air from both the back and the bottom, giving you the freedom to use your laptop on any surface, hard or soft.

Whisper-Like Efficiency
The curved shape of the patented AirFlow Wave design creates a continuous, evenly dispersed stream of air flowing under your laptop. This design makes for a quieter fan that won’t distract from your music, movies and games.

Ergonomic Design
The thin, ergonomic design is lightweight and easy to pick up, even with your laptop. The angled top positions your laptop perfectly for typing, while no-slip ledge holds your laptop in place. Grip pads on the bottom prevent slipping and sliding. The CoolSpot Anywhere seamlessly integrates with any laptop to create a stable surface anywhere you want

  • Safe and effective on soft and hard surfaces

  • Thin, ergonomic design is easy to transport
  • Superior cooling technology prevents intake vents from getting blocked, even on soft surfaces
  • AirFlow Wave Patented Design. Creates a stream of air below your laptop
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      1 Year Warranty
    Product : Belkin Cooling Pad with Dual Fan
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